The Maniac of Gadara

Mark 5:1-20
Sunday Morning Service
Speaker or Group
Pastor James Zaebst

Mark 5:1and 2:  All societies have social outcasts.  People that are viewed as without value.  But everyone is made in the image of God and precious in God’s sight (Genesis 1:26 and 27).  

Mark 5:3 and 4:  Society has no real answers for those whose lifestyle is self-destructive.  They can identify the problem, but they have no cure.

Mark 5:5:  Society settles for putting the problem out of sight and thus out of mind.

Mark 5:6 and 7:  The Maniac (Legion) had a real spiritual hunger born of a real spiritual need.  What he desperately needed was not more torment.  He needed Christ.  Christ is what those that are struggling with their own demons need.

Mark 5:8:  Only Christ can transform those trapped and blinded by Satan (Romans 12:2 and Ephesians 4:23 and 24).  All the isolation and torment did nothing for this man.  He needed Christ.
Mark 5:9:  He had many demons.  Rarely do we have to deal with only one demon or problem. One demon produces more (James 5:20).

Mark 5:10-14:  All the demons had to be dealt with (cast out).

Mark 5:15-17:  Legions transformation came at a cost (an entire herd of swine).  Many profit off of sin.  They don’t want anyone transformed.  Transforming lives is always a battle.

Mark 5:18:  He had a brand-new life, and he wanted to hold on to it tightly.

Mark 5:19 and 20:  Those that are transformed by Christ, should tell it to any and all who will listen (like Zacchaeus – Luke 19:1-8).

Don’t make outcasts of anyone.  Make believers instead.  Only Christ can transform.