God’s Intent to Reach the Gentiles

Romans 9:25-29
Sunday Evening Service
Speaker or Group
Pastor James Zaebst

Romans 9:25 and 26:  Here we have a quote of Hosea 2:23 in verse # 25 and a quote of Hosea 1:10 in verse # 26.  The two verses of Hosea are quoted to show God’s intent to reach the Gentiles.  It was always God’s intention to save the Gentile nations.

Under God’s Prophetic Program or Plan, He intended to reach the Gentiles through redeemed Israel.  First Israel was to be saved (Matthew 4:23).  Until Israel was saved, no one else could be ministered to (Mark 7:27 and Matthew 10:5-7).  Israel, once saved (which has not happened yet), was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world (Matthew 28:18 and 19), and to make Proselytes out of all the nations (Matthew 28:20).
Under prophecy, Israel must first be saved in order to become God’s Blessing and Messenger to the Gentiles (Zechariah 8:13).  Once saved, Israel will lead the Gentiles to faith in Christ (Zechariah 8:20-23).  Israel will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations, which will usher in the end of the Tribulation and the coming in of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14).  The Gentiles will come to Israel’s rising as God uses Israel mightily (Isaiah 60:3).  Israel will finally fulfill their Great Commission (Revelation 7:4-14).

Today, under grace, God is reaching Gentiles not through Israel’s rising, but through Israel’s fall.  We are saved through Israel’s fall and casting away (Romans 11:11 and 15).  We come to faith in Christ through God using Israel’s period of blindness (Romans 11:25).